Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And now a message from your dutiful Yankee blogger

A brief but important program note: I have joined the writing team of Pinstripe Alley, a popular Yankee blog that apparently decided alleys deserved decor like any other piece of architecture. You can find my introductory post right here.

Nothing will change here at River & Sunset, you'll get the same coverage as before. Part of my gig at PA will be posting some straight previews and game recaps, something that will be exclusive to their site. On those gamedays, I'll be sure to give a heads up so you can click over.

Ultimately, it's just another place for people to find my writing, which is always a good thing.

Thanks for reading,



af said...

From here it looks like you've abandoned R&S. You haven't posted here in five days. This short blurb really doesn't count.

Dan Hanzus said...

Off-day, rainout messed with my mojo, but have faith my friend.