Friday, June 27, 2008

Running blog - Yankees vs. Mets, Game 1

Hey everybody. Just woke up from a jet lag-induced power nap, perfect timing to write a running blog live from Brooklyn on the first game of a day-night, home-and-home twin bill between the Yankees and Mets. Luis Castillo scored on a David Wright single in the top of the first.

2:34 - The Giambino goes opposite-field (again!) for an RBI single to tie the game.

2:35 - The Giambino's burnt sienna 'stache just winked at me.

2:38 - It is so odd seeing Trot Nixon in a Mets uniform. Some guys only look right wearing the duds for one team. Meanwhile, My9 (watch Flava Flav in Under One Roof Wednesday's at 8!) announcer Michael Kay just said Nixon is a real "nose-to-the-dirt type of player". Is that an allusion to cocaine use? If so, not cool.

2:43 - The Captain gets caught napping, allowing Anderson to go from first to third when A-Rod makes a diving stop in the hole at third and throws late to first. Kay and Ken Singleton make no mention of this rare gaffe by DJ. Something tells me Jose Reyes would be getting called out, replete with replays, if he did the same thing. Reason No. 3,532 why Jeter leads a charmed life.

2:48 - Great job by Dan "Don't Call Me Don" Giese there, getting Schneider on a popup and then Reyes on a bouncer back to the box to escape damage in the second. In the words of the Cleveland Indians grounds crew in Major League, "Maybe this guy ain't so fuckin' bad."

2:51 - Alert: Robinson Cano's bat has come out of hiding. A double leading off the second gives him seven hits in his last three games. Would anybody be shocked if he was hitting .275 by the end of July?

2:58 - You gotta love the back end of the Yankees rotation. In Giese and Sidney Ponson, the Bombers have two starting pitchers today that have never won a game for them. $210 million doesn't get you what it used to.

3:02 - Giese has thrown over to first a whole bunch of times trying to keep Castillo close and Wilson Betemit has caught ever single one! When it comes to Betemit's D, you need to take what you get.

3:05 - The Mets don't have a single hitter in their lineup batting .300. Sad.

3:08 - Giese doesn't look too sharp, me thinks the Yankees will need to put some runs on the board this afternoon.

3:09 - Yeah. That's what I thought. Beltran hooks one into the bleachers in right for a two-run homer. 3-1, Mets.

3:16 - Derek Jeter extends his hitting streak to 14 games with a double into the right-field corner. It was the 400th two-bagger of his career. Seeing Nixon chase after a Jeter extra-base hit gave me an instant flashback of the Yankees' rally in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS. Beautiful times.

3:18 - Big early spot for A-Rod here. You want to see the Yankees stay close in a game like this.

3:20 - Why don't more players swing on 3-0? A-Rod just got a batting practice fastball and watched it sail by. Isn't that the perfect pitch for the MVP to drive? Anyway, he smokes a rocket past Reyes on the next pitch. 3-2, Mets.

3:24 - Man, Beltran plays a deep center field. I think you have to play shallow to be considered a great CF. Otherwise, it's kind of cheating, right? Anyway, Cano in a big spot with the bases juiced here. I smell a two-run double.

3:26 - Reyes makes a gorgeous diving stop to rob Cano of a two-run single. Fielder's choice, RBI for Robbie, tie game.

3:28 - Betemit's infield single scores Giambi. Hey, we'll take it anyway we can get it. 4-3, Yanks.

3:34 - Here's the bottom of the Mets lineup: Nixon (.138), Marlon Anderson (.207), Fernando Tatis (.260), Brian Schneider (.259). A Murderer's Row of the Mets' playoff chances.

3:42 - For those interested, reasons No. 1-6 why Jeter leads a charmed life:
1- Scarlett Johansson
2- Jessica Biel
3 - Jessica Alba
4 - Mariah Carey
5 - Vanessa Minnillo
6- Gabrielle Union

3:45 - Isn't it about time A-Rod starts considering a new song when he comes to the plate? I'm not saying I don't like "This Is Why I'm Hot" by Mims, but it's a bit stale at this point. Any hip hop fans have suggestions for the eternally un-hip Mr. Rodriguez?

3:47 - Bases loaded, two outs, 4-3 game. In the words of WFAN's Mike Francesa, haaa-uuuuge spot for Posada.

3:49 - Posada flies out to right. Let's hope Giese has another couple solid innings in him. Meanwhile, Jeter's Ford commercial where he's wearing glasses is on for the one millionth time this season. I'm sure the Detroit car manufacturer compensates its celebrity endorser well. Let's make that Reason No. 7.

3:53 - Reyes walks on a 3-2 pitch. There's no way he doesn't swipe second here.

3:55 - Reyes swipes second here.

3:59 - Giese leaves with the bases loaded an nobody out in the fifth. He is not very good. At all. Edwar Ramirez will try to limit the damage with 50 straight changeups.

4:04 - Ramirez allows a two-run double to washed-up Carlos Delgado. Ramirez is not very good. At all. 6-4, Mets.

4:18 - This game is draaaaaaaging. Playing at a four-hour pace right now, the 8:10 scheduled Game 2 start at Shea is looking bleak. Meanwhile, Jeter's up with runners on first and second and two outs. The Yanks are 4-for-14 with RISP. This has been a problem all year.

4:24 - Make that 4-for-15. Jeter weakly grounds out to first. C'mon Cap.

4:26 - A judge anyone who went to see The Love Guru. If you did see it and you enjoyed yourself, well, I hate you. Just an aside.

4:37 - Ross Ohlendorf gets the ball in a big spot here against David Wright. This could be the showdown of the game.

4:38 - Ohlendorf fits in perfectly with the Yankees bullpen in the way that he sucks. RBI single to right, 7-4. This one is slipping away.

4:42 - I have a bad feeling about this Delgado at-bat.

4:44 - I hate to say I told you so. Grand slam. 11-4, Mets.

4:45 - That may be the farthest up the right-center field bleachers I've seen a ball land. Delgado can still hit ... when he plays the Yankees.

4:46 - Here's the Yankees' biggest problem as of June 27. When they don't get at least five innings from their starter, they have no chance to win. Zero. The middle relief is that poor. Cashman needs a more reliable back end starter and another arm in the bullpen. Get to work.

4:47 - Ohlendorf is a graduate of the Carl Pavano School of Body Language. It makes me physically ill. The guy's a bum.

4:49 - I needed this to cheer me up. "I want to remind everybody that Wednesday night check out Flava Flav's hot new comedy, "Under One Roof". You've seen the real Flav, now he plays an ex-con who moves in with his rich brother and turns everyone's life upside down! "Under One Roof" every Wednesday at 8 on My9."

4:53 - A-Rod hits a freaking bomb into Monument Park. The ball's really carrying in that humid air. 11-5, Mets. I have no faith whatsoever in the Yankees bullpen, but it's important to note that the Mets suck. Let's see if they can get back in this.

5:03 - Time to hit the road, the dulcet tones of John Sterling and Suzyn ... well the dulcet tones of John Sterling will take me the rest of the way. Be back tomorrow with a full recap of what will end up being a lonnnnng day of action. Later.


SA Yankee fan said...

It's 1am in the morning here in South Africa and I'm trying to find out how the double header is going. Answer: not well.

Anyhow, as you might imagine following the Yankees is pretty difficult here given the 6 hour time difference and the fact that the only baseball is on ESPN and they show what they like (Yankee game roughly once a month)

I pretty much rely on blogs and websites so I'd just thought I'd say yours is pretty good and entertaining (since you don't seem to ever get any comments I'd do my bit to make sure you don't stop anytime soon).

Let's hope Game 2 goes a bit better, it can't go much worse really....

DH said...

Thanks for reading all the way from SA. I won't be going away anytime soon, but the comments are always welcome.

Can you access games through MLB.TV there?

Go Yanks.

SA Yankee fan said...

I can but the internet speeds here are so bad it's not worth it. Hoepfully that will change some time soon (not holding my breath).

Anyhow at least game 2 went better (that at least was on ESPN). Martinez (3 time Cy young) vs. Ponson (2 time DUI conviction), how could it have gone any other way really?

Santana tonight will be different though. Dude's a yankee killer of note. Hopefully they can find a way to win.